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Photo Locations?


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As a part of my graphic design course I'm doing I have to produce a magazine front cover. So I thought why not do one including my car?

Does anyone have any ideas of locations that would be good to take photos of the car? With some lovely scenery would be nice.

I'm from County Durham / newcastle way, wouldn't mind a bit of a drive if requires.

Thanks in advance


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by the cathedral on a twisty road with the cathedral in the back, preferably with a winter tree scene around!


its been a while since I was that direction so cant quote any roads!

Cheers, do you mean durham cathedral?

Could have a look there that's not far away!

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The Black Mountains in Wales are a striking place.

Plenty of swoopy roads and rugged scenery.

Just looked there on google is does look very good! Probably a bit to far like. Unless I can make a day out of it like.

Thanks though!

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Yeah Durham Cathedral, there are some beauties of spots up there I remember, have to say though, its been about 6 or 7 years since I last drove through Durham, so dont go asking me for street names :p

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