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When Bungalow Meets Tree

Ford Loyalty MK3

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The roots weren't fantastic, plus with the winds going well over 109 MPH it was going to come down.

Now with that one down, there isn't any support for the other one next to it, so that other tree could come down as well. We were luck VERY LUCKY.

Hopefully the next day it will beall sorted.

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Very lucky there fella, but glad there was no damage to your house. Might be worth chopping the other one down while you have the Chainsaw handy if its not that stable.

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Ouch, glad there's no damage, but you don't really want to wake up to find a tree has crept into bed with you!

I think the chainsaw is a good idea, they are predicting a month of misery and storms coming our way so if you can chop the tree's down, it might well be worth it!

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