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Time To Get Rid.

Ford Loyalty MK3

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After searching and paying for things, I think the mondeo is a lost cause, I've got injector problems which needs a new wiring loom, plus my chain tensioner is getting worse again more cost. :(

Its great for fuel economy and comfort, now its causing nothing but stress and a big hole in my pocket. :cry:

Sometimes its not worth the hassle. I really enjoy this motor I really do, Its taken pretty much everywhere around the UK for sercurity work, But the fear of conking out and getting recovery to pick it up, you know its not cheap, unless your insurance covers it.

Plus the tax and MOT is due very soon, In its present state it would not pass, I've bought brakes discs and pads all round, next day yup you guessed it, Mondeo has cold starting issures. Plus tyres are below legal limit so I need to get a set of them too. Its costing to much too keep going. :cry:

I'm not a quitter but sometimes you've to do what your current burget allows it, Right now after looking at prices for things I need I've gone over. :(

I payed 500 quid for the car and its been serviced 3 times, I service my car every 2months regardless of millage, I can't help it I enjoy working on cars and maintaing them.

Its making me angry thinking about scraping it, Its my 2nd favourite car out of the 6 cars I've owned. :cry:

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Looks like I'm not out of the woods just yet, Martin a very good friend of mine who works for Ford as argreed to have a look at it, hopefully this will tell me whats really going on.

This will be my last chance to save this car. I love this to bits I don't want it to be in vain. Cross my fingers and pray.

Ford pride lives on.

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It would be a shame to see it go!

Perhaps it would be cheaper to do an engine replacement? as for the tyres, although I am not the greatest fan of them, perhaps a set of part worn would be best, as it would give you some mileage but would save your wallet until you decide if you do want to get rid!

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If the car still runs, but the lack of power issure is still there then I'll keep it still, sure hill climb is a pain as I've got to change to a lower gear then before, But if its not serious then i could save and get what it needs done.

As my user Ford Loyalty I'm going to live to that. When i was doing sercurity events instead of coming home, I would go stright to the next job, pretty much living in this car.

A Engine replacement could be a idea, but the engine and well and truelly looked afterd, I don't think the engine is the issure, I'll find out today and hopefully and have a really good think about it. :)

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