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Ford Focus Lx 1999 1.8 Zetec


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Hello everyone

This is my first post, so sorry if something wrong or explanation is bad,as I am not verry good with cars.

My problem is.

1.when I start the engine the revs go to 1500rpm and gradualy lowers to about 500rpm when worms up,aswell all the time theres a filling that it will stall, some times it does stall but starts after

2.Im not sure about this one if its normal or not?. Recently i went on a 115 mile journy to see my family and it used a bit less then half of tank. mainly motorway miles was going about 60-70 mph.

I been reading the forum for the problem and found that can be one of the vacume pipes?

Thank you in advance for youre help.


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could be vacuum pipes, idle control valve (if the car has one). it seems like its mis-fueling the car as its thinking it has more air going in than it actually is, hence why youre not getting good mileage

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Welcome to the family Andy, where abouts in the garden of england are you?

As for the issue, both appear to be related to the fuel use. The stalling could be that the Idle Control Valve is in need of a clean, also the air sensor might need a clean as well.

The feeling of stalling could be due to a clogged fuel filter - do you by any chance use supermarket fuel all the time?

Also the use of too much fuel, have you noticed any excess smoke? Also have you noticed any whistling or blowing noises in the engine bay?

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thank you james and james for a reply.

By the way its a injector engine, if it makes any difference.

I will check the pipes and try to clean idle valve this sunday and will report back with any news.

No excess smoke,blowing noises or any whistling.

I fill it up on murco gas station.

can the excess fuel be becouse of rusted exhaust system?

Also just made weel alignment today and will see if theres any difference.

I am from Ashford.


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hello again.

i didnt check the tubes but i cleaned the air filter and restarted computer by removing the clamps on the battery,and it seems to helped with idle revs.

not sure bout the fuel ussage but will check today.

I couldnt find the idle control valve.

as much as i know it shoult be somewher near the throtle boddy.but all i have is lots of plastics neare it.

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I work in Ashford :)

As Clive said, it could well and is likely to be the MAF sensor needs a clean. Its easy enough to do, you just need electrical contact cleaner, a Torx 25 screwdriver and about 20 minutes... If its something you need a hand with, let me know. Its been a while since I touched a MK1 Focus, but I am sure I could be of help if you need it.

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I checked the MAF sensor and the heat sensitive wires which go inside the air tube are clean and look pretty new. I think it was a computer fault,recalibrated or something. Does anyone know where is the fuel filter?and can I change it myself?

Where a bouts do you work James ? if its not a national secret :ph34r: ? :) :)

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Hi Andy,

The air tube can look pretty clean (mine did) and then I cleaned it and saw the colour of the electrical contact juice after it dripped out! lol

As for the filter, I believe its around the centre of the engine bay to the right of the engine.

I work in the Kennington area. Not too far from the pheasant pub! I couldnt possibly say where I work, otherwise you might see a few guys dressed in black come diving through the window after you read the message.

.. Im not saying it will be the secret service, but after what some of my colleagues who live in the area have said about it, it sounds like a good night out for a few of the local young blood's who want to burn an hour or two :P

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Sorry for long inactivity.

Ash- no my one doesn't do that.

As i said previously i just unplugged the battery for bout 20 min to reset the computer, and after that it seems to work very good actually.

I'v checked the fuel efficiency, filled it up with ten litters of fuel and done about 80-85 miles on it.is that good?it was mainly in the city.

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80 would be about 350 - 380 miles per tank, which for the age of the car, is very good! however the cold will bite it, so you will get less than that, but its a good starting point!

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