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Picking My Dads New Motor.

Ford Loyalty MK3

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Just come back from Mold to pick my dad's pride and joy CL 180 Merc, drives really well and looks the part. :D He's part exchanged is Jaguar V8 for it and have to say he's made the right choice. :thumbsup:

I'm currently sreaching for a new motor myself, The mondeo is gone with parts removed to make some cash out of it. :D

Broke down a few times last night, worst of all it was on a round about. :o My mondeo has been problem after problem so it has now passed on. :cry: My wallet was taken over by the mondeo. No wounder I wasn't saving anything. :(

I'm in no rush YET, i'm just going to save now and buy a low millage car thats been looked afterd. :thumbsup: You pay for what you get. :thumbsup:

Has to be a diesel tho, Looking at Rover 75's CL180 Diesel, Ford Mondeo Mk4, Focus Mk2 and many more, not going for french cars as I think there crap and not reliable. :m_yes:

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Definitely not a Rover and most certainly not a 75.

They are extremely unreliable and you'd quickly end up regretting the purchase.

I think the Mondeo is the route forward for you, and you'll be much happier in the long run.

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All depends what Rover engine you get, The 2.0L diesel model is all BMW engines not a k-series engine which I've worked on in the past.

Looking at a Mondeo soon, arranged to see it, lets just this doesn't need anything doing. :)

Will be a away for while need to sort work too. See you all soon. :)

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David a Rover 75? Really you know you would have to buy driving gloves and flat cap so you look the part lol

LMAO you made me laugh, I know what you mean, but in all honesty I don't mind them each to there own ;)

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