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Engine Error


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I have a focus 2.0 tdi on a 56 plate and keep getting error's coming up on the dash board

1st error message is "engine system error" followed by "reduced acceleration" with no warning lights apart from the red light beside the digital read out but after a restart of the engine (yes like a PC) it works fine for a few days, until the same error reoccurs. After hooking up to computer there are no codes to see

2nd error is a "steering assistance failure" followed by "reduced acceleration" a minute after this the car stops and wont start again with the engine immobiliser coming on and has confused the RAC. when hooking up to computer it says that it cant see the system control unit but I have since found that clearing the codes with allow the car to start and she works fine for a few weeks and then happens again.

I am going to change the fuses tomorrow as reading other posts they have advised that this might be a cause but if anyone has any idea's or come across this please can they let me know as the RAC are lost with this and local garage can only suggest replacing expensive parts.

many thanks


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Welcome to the family Simon!

It sounds like you definately have a gremlin, but the fact that its two seperate issues unrelated, would indicate an electrical issue as opposed to a sensor or perhaps faulty part.

Have you noticed anything such as the cconditions when it occurs (particular temperature, weather, actions etc?)

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Thanks for the reply and the only time i have noticed that it does this is when it is wet, this is the only time that i can think of as i get soaking waiting for the RAC to turn up.......

As soon as they clear the codes on the computer it works fine for another week or even more... it could just be with the weather we having is getting into somewhere and creating a short or like you say a gremlin.

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its possible that you have water ingress. Check the passenger footwell fuse board, and also the engine bay fuse board for any sign of moisture. Its possible that theres two fuses shorting out with the water and this is causing the issues.

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I have brought a code reader and get

U0073 control module communication bus off on ABS







After checking more and more websites they all talk about water ingress. It has now been into the gargage again and they have advised that it needs to go to Ford as they can't deal with it.

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Start off by disconnecting the cars battery. This should prevent any more unruly errors in the meantime.

Next, get a hairdryer and dry out both the engine fusebox and the passenger fuseboard to ensure that there is minimum moisture retained. You want to try and do as thorough a job as possible here, to prevent it coming back.

If after this, you start the car, and get the same errors, then its possible the water is ingressing elsewhere, but this really needs to be a starting point.

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After trying all and not working, i took it to a ford main dealer in Reading and it was the instrument cluster £780 lighter it has now come out with a alternator fault. I have replaced this with a make never heard of before (fohrenbuhl) and now battery warning light stays on and the heated front window does not work.

the fun of the main dealers..........

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whoo hoo an end to the problem..... when i replaced the alternator 1 of the metal bars inside the clip for the battery connection was bent inside but it felt like it had gone home properly but i guess a slight bend makes all the difference. just glad it was not a big bend lol.

thanks for all your help

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Hi all , was at the lights and started to move and thought i had stalled and turned the key,so then turned it of an re started an drove away.... now the engine light is on ... i have seen a few different answers/advice will i have to go the the dealer to get it turned off ... Jim

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Buy your self a scanner and you will save £££££ and if you keep it in the car you will avoid getting wet waiting for the rac man to turn up in the wet (which seems to be the norm these days)

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buy the torque app for your phone, about 3 quid. and a elm 327 bluetooth adaptor abou 7 quid. then you can see live data on ur phone, retreve/delete fault codes etc.... check engine temps, sensor issues... good piece of kit.

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I would put money on this being the Instrument Cluster. I had the same issues shortly after driving through a deep puddle (as it happens, that was just coincidence).

The following is a report from the Torque App from Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.prowl.torque&hl=en_GB

Fault log report generated by Torque for Android

Vehicle VIN: WF05XXWPD56R50415
Vehicle Manufacturer: Ford
Vehicle Calibration ID: FR054012F5MH380

Current Fault Log
ECU reports no current faults

Pending Fault Log
U0073: null
U0121: null
U0001: null
U0140: null
U0155: null
U0131: null

Historic Fault Log
ECU reports no historic faults
Other discovered fault codes
(possibly pending, current or manufacturer specific)
U1900: null
U2012: null
U2510: null
U2200: null
U2197: null
P0571: Cruise Control/Brake Switch A Circuit
P1260: Theft Detected - Engine Disabled

End of report.

Here is a video I uploaded to youtube http://youtu.be/W3_tC85oFLw

The problem disappeared when I resoldered the connector on the cluster. I had to take it apart to do it but there is a youtube video for that too! ;)

Sorry for the large pic.



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