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Streetpack 17" Wheels


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Hi all

A few of questions if i may concerning the 17" streetpack wheels as i am thinking about getting some to replace the 16s on my 12 plate zs.

1 are they as bad at bending as i've been reading around the net?

2 are they a straight fit replacement?

3 colour? going on a micastone zs so silver or the dark ones that go on the metal edition?

some help much appreciated

cheers phil

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Yes they are weaker than most alloys :p I can tell you first hand as I've buckled one by hitting a pothole! (I've hit craters in previous cars and they've been as good as new).

They are a straight replacement yes!

The darker "Metal version" one's would suit yours better in my opinion. They do also come in white but I don't think they'd match a silver car :P

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