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Engaging 1St Gear


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Afternoon all,

Wonder if anyone can shed some light on a slight issue I’m having. Its been happening for about 1-2 months.

When I put thecar into first gear and begin to lift the clutch to engage the gear there is a
slight whine/grind/high pitch type noise just before the gear fully engages,
but only in 1st gear.

So far it hasn’t caused me any trouble, seems to be more noticeable on a slight in climb. If I am very very careful and release the clutch really slowly it doesn’t make a sound (usually). I don’t slam
the car around and 97% of the time am careful with clutch. Is this the DMF on its way out? Or something worse? Car has done 128k..2005 Focus 2.0TDCI Titanium
(6 speed) Saloon.

What do you guys think?

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I had a whine on my old MK1 Focus (2004) in 1st and then also reverse when pulling away. Didn't seem to be a problem other than being irritating. I believe it was the clutch release bearing drying out that caused the problem. I had the whole clutch kit changed and the problem went away.

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How much did a new clutch kit set you back mate? £200ish?

just found this on another forum....

theres a bearing between the two halves of the dmf. If it gets a bit worn the pressure of applying the clutch pedal increases the friction between the primary and secondary side and reduces the isolation of the dmf. This can allow the combustion vibrations to be transmitted into the trans and cause gear rattle, particualarly if there are no funny noises when you are driving along with the clutch pedal out

My worry is that it'll need new DMF (£300ish) and new clutch kit (prob £200ish) plus 2-3hrs labour:-(

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DMF's can get expensive. If I end up having to put an RS clutch kit in my ST the cheapest place in the UK sells them at £799 fitted with the DMF :(

I can't remember the exact price as it was a while ago now but yes I think it was probably around about the £200 mark

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At least an RS clutch kit would be proper heavy duty, would last ages as long as didnt kane it

i'll see how i get on this week, then might book it in at my local indy to have a look

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