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All New Fiesta 1.5L At High Fuel Consumption Problems (Need Help)


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Greeting fellow fiesta users. I just bought a brand new 2014 Ford Fiesta 1.5L AT. It only got 2000 Miles on it. But my MPG only got around 16 MPG max (never pass 16 MPG) or around 14L/100KM for urban driving, but for highway driving the MPG is wonderful i can get around 50 MPG. I drive like a granny and seldom to put too much gas on the pedal. Use RON 92 gasoline and have factory standart tires pressure with nitrogen. The most puzzling part was i took the car to my local Ford dealer for the issue and they run the diagnostic twice and didnt find anything wrong with my Fiesta, they even upgrade the ECU but i still keep getting 16 MPG for urban driving which i think is a bit ridicilous for a brand new 1.5L engine. Any idea what might be the culprit for my high fuel consumption? beside the driving habits which is accused by the local dealer to me. :huh:


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