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Tdci Remap...

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Since I'm new I thought I'd start multiple threads and start spamming you all

Okay so maybe not but wanted some direction on a remap..

My TDCI currently has one (not aware of where this was done as previous owner to the one before me chipped it) but since I'm resigned to losing my remap to a new ecu I thought I'd ask on which is best, plug in or a custom job? I'm leaning towards custom for the car ATM...

Having had a quick look round some tuning sights all seem pretty much the same in terms of gains (bhp + torque wise)

Any of you that've had a remap care to divulge which company you've had yours done by and how it drives after?

Thanks as always!

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As yours is a tdci id get a tuning box super easy to install, its like a remap gives all the same power and you can remove it whenever you want, so you wont loose it when you sell the car or what not. Good tuning boxes for your car but superchips are good so are performance diesels all good review i will link you to one

Select you car from these and you have the tuning box you need


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Ah fair enough lad, I'll have a look under the bonnet when it comes back from the garage and see if its got a box on it..

Just out of interest, how comes you'd got for that as opposed to a straight remap..

Only bad thing I have to say about the Ford is the slight turbo lag down the low end of the revvs, once its above 2k it'll fly!

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You should beable to find it easy unless its been hidden up, and i havnt got one as my fez is petrol, but if i has a diesel id get one of these, works the same as remap but you can take this off without having to take it to the place you had the map done, and when or if you sell the call you could either sell it with this or take it off and sell it as you would easily get your money back on these as they dont loose valve really.

Still works the same it would get rid if some lag and increase torque and bhp the same as a map plus these come with an Eco setting saying they can boost mpg by 10 or more a remap you carnt switch between different maps. My m8 has one on his corsa and he chooses either race mode Eco mode or street mode, race is full power street is 65-75% full power and Eco is Eco :) works a treat and his is seriously fast :) 1.7tdci plus this box = mental :)

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