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focus tdci


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hi folks , i recently bought a 51 reg focus 1.8 tdci and i have started getting some niggly problems and as the car is under warranty i want some advice so i can take it back to the garage,

the car has been running perfectly but yesterday i was driving home and car was in second gear when i put foot down the car took off as it should but then started revving high without doing anything (not wheelspin) , it did this twice, later on i came out to the car and couldnt get the car into gear despite pressing and depressing the clutch several times, finally managed it and car drove fine but was still really difficult to get into gear,(had been like that since i got it on friday), this morning i came out and car started no prob then idled and cut out , and when i stared it again it started revving high and sounded like it was hunting and was still difficult to get into gear , i have drove the car all afternoon and despite the gear issue the car has been driving fine...any ideas would be appreciated as it will be back in garage tomorrow and i want to have an idea what i need to talk bout ...regards...

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whats your mileage sound like duel mass flywheel giving up the gost :(

hi mate it has 92000 miles on clock , i took it to someone who knows a bit more about cars than i do and he said he thinks its fine but im not so sure.....cheers for reply

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