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2014 Fiesta Modifications

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So I'm a proud new owner of a 2014 Ford Fiesta ST (5 door since I live in the US), and I'm interested in doing some upgrades to increase performance. I'm not necessarily looking to gut it and turn it into the next track car but just so that I can make it a little bit more fun to race around in. I also wish to go about changing it from front wheel to rear wheel drive, so if anyone has any expertise in that area your input will be greatly appreciated :)


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Front wheel to rear wheel I don't think is an option unless you can take it somewhere for them to modify the underneath of the car to accommodate, complete rear end change suspension wise (as it's a beam axle), new gearbox as there's no box I know of that's for a RWD of the 1.6 ecoboost, rear diff, making room for said diff and many other little niggles. There's places that'll do it, but I'd imagine it'd probably cost more than the ST cost initially >_>


Few ideas there, but generally speaking anything goes with engine modifications, depends on budget. Don't forget though, more power needs better brakes, tyres and suspension.

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How can you be the proud owner of a car then want to change it's characteristics completely? If you wanted rear wheel drive, why not buy a car that has it? The fez ST is a great car as it is, odds are you'll only ruin the reason you bought it by hacking away at it like that.

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