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Fiesta Engine Malfunction

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Hello, this is my first time using this forum so please be kind. I got my new ford fiesta July 13' and was so happy with it as I have loved fiestas' for many years. However, last week the power steering failed and then a couple of hours later was ok. Since then I have had other problems with it, mainly the car shaking when above 50mph, it then went to shaking above 40mph (I spoke to ford and they booked it in for a service). Last night I had to go out and it got really bad, couldn't get above 25mph, a warning then came up saying "engine malfunction service now". The car just cut out completely, luckily it was just past a train crossing not on it. I did find a forum saying other people had this issue but their car started straight after. Mine will not start, it is completely dead. Has anybody else had this same problem? Sorry it's long winded I just wanted to explain everything. It has only done 5000 miles. Thanks

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Hmm i always thought they went into get you home but slowly mode. Sounds quite bad let us know how you got on and what caused the problem.


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First of all, I apologise for the terms I'll be using, English is not my mother language, I hope I don’t confuse you.

I am not a technician, but I believe that not starting at all could be caused by a battery pole not being connected properly. In case the positive is loose, you could get such a situation.

As for the steering wheel, a bad battery might affect the power steering system, but it may have been caused by other factors as well.

A bad battery shows other signs as well. When you start the engine, the ignition (?) sounds weaker and slower (the part that gets activated when you turn your key). You could also notice your windows going up/down with "difficulty". You may also see dimming in your lights when turning on the defogging of the rear windscreen. Or even failure to central locking and alarm being armed.

Your car being new (as well as it's battery being new) don't necessarily mean that your battery will be fine regardless of other factors. If the car does not move for a long period of time, or if it is left with the lights on while the engine is not running, or if you defog with the engine not running, then you could easily get a battery failure. Your technician will have more details about battery issues advices etc.

Shaking could be caused by a damaged alloy, in case you hit a road bump hard. It usually occurs at higher speeds though, say above 75mph.

Anyway, if it turns out to be just a battery thing, that's great, you can have the battery changed (hopefully covered by your guarantee) and no more worries :)

Let us know how things turn out.

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