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Intermittent Grinding Sensation In Accelerator When Cruising - Diesel

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Help please.

I feel an intermittent grinding sensation through the accelerator pedal and occasionally the clutch pedal when cruising.

Passengers can't hear it so I'm assuming I'm imagining that I can hear it.

What could it be?

For example, it often happens when cruising at 30 miles an hour in 3rd or 4th and foot resting gently or feathering accelerator to keep at speed. However, it can happen on the motor way cruising at 60-70 as well. The main thing, it happens only when cruising not breaking or accelerating/pulling away. Depressing the clutch doesn't stop it.

I've just had new clutch and DMF but this problem was from before - I'm noticing it more now, I think. I've also just had full electrics diagnostics which show up no major problems (cruise control occasionally turns off when I press SET- (minus) but I don't really care about that too much). No warning lights showing. 2 mechanics have done short test drives and think it's a smooth driving car and can't feel the grinding sensation.

I have Ford Mondeo Zetec (2010) diesel, 140bhp, 1997, 35,000miles ish.

Suggestions please, folks!

Thanks for any help. Anska.

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grinding sensation could be a gearbox issue rather than the clutch and DMF, when was the gearbox oil and filter last replaced?

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Gosh, no idea when that was done. If it's done at services, then that was probably last June 2013. I've booked it into the local garage on Thursday so hopefully they'll be able to shed some light on it. If not, it's booked into the local Ford dealership (far more expensively!) for the following tuesday and maybe if I throw money at it, it might get solved. Here's hoping!

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Hi Anne,

When its at the indie garage, ask them for a price for a gearbox fluid and filter change. They should be able to offer you a good price, you might find that this is all it takes to improve the drive.

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Thanks for the advice. I've just got the car back from the Ford garage and they've done a test drive and check over bumper to bumper (at no charge which surprised me) and can find nothing dramatically wrong with it - 3 out of 4 tires are nearly at the end of their lives so it's suggested that will improve the drive. Hopefully it's just me being a bit paranoid after having the shock of the DMF going at only 35,000 miles.

It goes in for a major service in a couple of months and I believe oil changes will happen then. Crossed fingers for some trouble free driving for a while now.

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