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Lmao @ My Mum

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mother has just rang me asking me how to delete a word document from her comp as its a few years old.

first i say open "my documents" hover over the word doc that you want delete and right click.

mums reply " where do i write click"

my reply over the document you want to delete.

mums reply "i cant write nothing the computer wont let me"

me no with your mouse

mum "how do i write with my mouse"

me you dont, you use the right button

mum "i have no write button"

cutting a long story short approx 20mins later she actually delete's her document (she is 68 though) but tbh i couldn't help but share... LMFAO

NOW, has anybody else on here had anything similar.... please share

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Click on document name. Press DELETE key.

Would have saved 20 minutes of your life.

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lmao, you have to love those who do not have computers and take them up for the first time!

Its great that they are experimenting and expanding their knowledge, but it can be a nightmare...

I have a story that was a good laugh, a good friend of mine was the one who did this and sadly it backfired :p Its a long conversation but a fantastic end. Most of the swear words from the end of the conversation have been removed for forum friendly reading, however one word has been slightly changed to emphasise the stress my mate went through! :p

[F] Friend: "Hi you're through to technical support, how can I help?"

[C] Customer: "Hi, yes,my computer isnt working"

F: OK we can help with that. Can you just confirm that the monitor switch is on?

C: Yes it is

F: OK, can you just go to the Start button?

C: It has a start button?

F: Yes, bottom left corner of the screen

C: OK, I really cant see that I am afraid.

F: OK, what can you see?

C: Well, the screen is black and it has some buttons

F: OK press the buttons, does anything happen?

C: no, It doesnt appear to work.

F: OK, can you just confirm if you have any lights on the machine?

C: Nope, none at all

F: OK, can you just confirm the machine is plugged in and switched on at the back?

C: Just give me a few minutes... Its dark down there, I will get a torch and have a look

F: OK, just let me know when you have checked.

**about 10 minutes pass**

C: OK, so I have checked, its plugged in, and the little off switch is on.

F: OK, can you switch the power on with the button at the front

C: OK, I pressed the button but nothing has happened

F: Odd, can you just follow the power lead back to the wall, check its plugged in and the wall switch is on?

**Few more minutes pass**

C: OK, its switched on

F: excellent, so when it starts you should see windows comes up?

**about 5 - 10 more minutes**

C: OK, nothing seems to be happening?

F: odd... can you just confirm if there are any lights on at the front of the machine?

C: nope, no lights at all, I have just pressed the button and there is nothing happening. - Looks, can you call me back? I am using all my mobile money and its taking far too long!

F: No worries.

F: Hi, its Rob from Tech Support

C: Hi, thanks for calling me back

F: OK, so to confirm, the power is plugged into the wall and the wall socket is on?

C: Yes

F: the power is plugged into the right place at the back of the computer (described the kettle lead layout)

C: Yes, and the switch is on

F: and you press the power button on the front?

C: Yes, its getting darker outside now and the batteries in my torch just ran out, what else do I need to check?

F: Can you just read the model type on the computer? I appreciate we have been on this call for a while so want to get it sorted ASAP. (they had been on the phone for about 80 minutes!

C: I can't, there is no light?

F: can you switch the light on, or place a desk lamp next to the computer? that might help you to read the sticker?

C: Sorry, I cant?

F: I don't quite follow?

C: Well, the power went off about 2 hours ago?

F: I know what the problem is!

C: You do? thats great! how do I get it fixed?

F: Well, I am afraid you need to pack your computer up in the box and take it back to the shop where you bought it?

C: Is it really that serious?

F: I am afraid it is!

C: What should I tell them when I get there?

F: Tell them your too Feckin'g stupid to own a computer and you dont deserve the privelage of having one in your home.

That afternoon, he was dragged into the office, and shot down! poor guy lost his job because of the special case! Given that he was one of the seniors on the team, it speaks volumes when he got pushed that far!

I love peoples interest, and he said the customer wasnt an old fellow, he wasn't a "silver surfer" as they apparently have been fashionably nicknamed, he was a young man, sounded around 20's to 30's.

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