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Cutting Out When Changing Down Gear

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Hi Guys,

For the past few months my car has been cutting out when i change down gear occasionally (mainly when i change down into 2nd)...

I have been lead to believe this could be an issue with my idol control valve. Can somebody help me out or tell me what to do?

I have attached a picture of my idol control valve and the lights that come up on my dash when the car cuts out.





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I had a 1997 Zetec and mine did the same thing, stalled on downshifts, stalled when coming to a stop at junctions, traffic lights etc and it was accompanied by a strong smell of petrol coming into the cabin. At speed though it was ok. Turned out it was the throttle potentiometer that sends the electronic throttle opening signal to the ecu - it was knackered (the potentiometer) and was permanently sending a throttle wide open signal to the ecu so the injectors were pumping gallons of fuel into the cylinders all the time and consequently on tickover it would flood and stall. Might be something to look at?

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If it was the idle control valve you would have a lumpy idle. It would be hunting to try not to stall itself. If the idle is ok it is most likely the throttle potentiometer as Mark suggests.

It could also be an air leak though. Check your vacuum pipes are ok.

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