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Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited And Philips Silver Vision

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I told myself I wouldn't start mucking around with the Fiesta........ but it's started :P .

My 3 series had really good xenon's which tracked the car in front and had auto high beam which has probably set my standard a bit high, but none the less, I felt that the stock bulbs that come with the Titanium X are pretty poor.

I bought Osram Night Breaker Unlimited H7 12V 55W to use as my dipped headlights and after reading and following Rogue_Shadow's how-to (Cheers mate :D)

I decided to get Philips Silver Vision indictor bulbs.

I took me a while to release when I was on AutoBulbs why it said my main beam bulbs were H15 and more importantly I couldn't get any decent makes of bulbs in that size. First off if your headlights have DRLS then your in the same boat as me and your main beam is a H15 - Nae luck.... and I don't really have an answer to the second apart from a quick Google search pretty much shows H15 bulbs being used as 'DRL' halogen lights on several types of car. I don't quite follow how the same type of bulb can be a DRL and a High Beam but who knows.

I got stuck in about the replacement of the headlights today and once they were complete I went and got another set of the Philips Silver Vision to do the rear.... honestly, I'm promise I'm not mucking around with it!!!! :oops:

The front got changed over no problem but the plastic screw on the offside light cluster must have been put on by a body builder or a machine, it took ages to try and get it loose.

All posts are pretty much pants without some photos so I've attached some below.

All in all from what I can tell the Osram Night Breakers are they are a lot brighter, definitely no blue colours coming from them but just how good they are I'll need to report back.

I really need to align my headlights so that's next on the to-do list.












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Looks good, when I was looking at this i agreed there wasn't any blue but i suppose its a fine line.

Changing these headlights compared to the old corsa i had is a doddle!

P.s wish i had the titanium lights on mine!

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Looking good. I have a set of Nightbreakers waiting for when I get my car. Yours looks a lot better with the silver visions too.

Sent from my GT-I9195 using Ford OC mobile app

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Yeah, I've got the OSRAM bulbs all around, there a lot brighter and whiter but no blue atall which I wasn't really happy about as the ones I got were cool blue or something g, still look good though

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