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My 99 Ford Fiesta Is Missing On Cylinder 2 Help!!!

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Hi all,

I recently purchased a ford fiesta 99 plate.... with a missfire. I thought it was most certainly the coil pack as these are known to go on fords.So changed that an an ever so slight change . running slightly better but no where near the full. still missng..bit more power so checked the leads.number 2 wasnt sparking... so changed lead for 2 and again a slight but ever so slight change again sounded a tad better.Still missing... I know it is cyclinder two not firing as changed 2s spark plug in to 1 and 1 in to and 1 in two didnt fire it either.plugs seemed all to be ok...recent plugs two..the problem was before they were changed...Now no signs of a head gasket going.. Checked rocker cover... clean oil ... checked the water tank.. it was black and smelt sweet so i assume thats anti freeze. ( also my exhaust smells slightly sweet)No over heating issues either. done 247 miles with it missing and no cut outs or breakdowns at all just a tad bumpy...

Any suggestion as im banging my head against a brick walls!!!

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wouldnt recommend driving that sort of distance with a misfire, just asking to do more damage to catalytic and o2 sensors.

would have the compressions checked, doesnt take long and will tell you if misfire is mechanical rather than ignition/fuel

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Ok update.... got bored and had a play, Decided to check under rocker cover, ROCKER COVER GASKET WAS POURING OUT ..... That is the issue!!! basically the oil had seeped out and into my fuel injector on number 2 .... contaminating the fuel... took number too out and cleaned inside carefully using a rag. Cleaned rings and put back together ......had to move it quickly back in to my space... and there it was At first before id done this it would never start first time.... But this time it did so i turned it off a few times... and back on and every time boom.. it worked... before when missing my seats vibrated and my exhaust sounded like a helicopter ...now hardly any vibration and didnt sound to bad on exhaust .. obnly a slight misfire but the car is out of fuel so will try putting a new rocker cover gasket on some redex and fuel and fingers crossed thats the end of it!!!

will update within 48 hours!

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Ok no such luck its now a case of me hitting my head against a brick wall... IN THE LAST UPDATE i said it wasnt missing and it wasnt .... but it is again, ive tried cleaning the fuel injectors ect again.... nothing.. doesnt start straight away either now? put some fuel and redex in and suprise nothing... i fail to see how it is my head or any of that as no milky oil and no coolant loss. to be sure i added some coolant leak stuff that seals any cracks in head gaskets ect.. it did help my idle issue,, when braking at junctions it would idle at around 700 rpm and feel like it was gunna cut out,, i stuck that stuff in and instantly it stopped the idle issue?? But still not firing on cylinder four. It does sound more like a car than a tank but cant work out why cylinder 2 ... Like i said plugs leads and coil changed,,, I will try find a compression tester but what else can cause this,,, crankshaft sensor perhaps ? any other sensors im missing.... Please help me ,,, doing my head in!!!

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would ensure your spark is good...dont dismiss it as ok just because of new plugs etc...

try comparing the spark strength on no2 to other cylinders.

couldnt really follow how a valve cover leak managed to contaminate the injector, but maybe you have a bad injector on no 2

could really do with a compression test...show up far more than just a possible head gasket issue...incidently, a bad head gasket doesnt necessarily cause overheating/loss of water/contaminate oil etc...if head gasket leaks between cylinder pots, you just end up with compression loss on 1 or 2 cylinders, which will give you a misfire..

a compression test will also show up if you have any problems with the valves/pistons etc.

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