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Iphone / Stereo Problem


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Hi all. I have just purchased a 2009 focus 2l tdci titanium, very happy with it.

One minor problem is I have the Sony DAB stereo. It has a USB connection for the iPod. If I connect it with the iPhone 5 the phone shows as playing. The stereo recognises what's being played. But no sound. If I switch it to bluetooth the music plays through the stereo, but keeps pausing then playing again. If I remove the USB lead it plays fine through the bluetooth. Ideally I want to be able to play the music using the USB port rather than bluetooth. Anyone else had this problem?

Thanks for your time


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Is your Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module updated to the latest firmware already?

Ford offers an update for the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system (Ford Audio Update) which can be downloaded from the following website:


Older firmware versions of the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module needed a special Y-cable for Ipod connectivity. This Y-cable is connected to the AUX input and USB connection at the same time. The USB connection is used to communicate with the Ipod and the sound is transferred to the radio by the AUX input.

With the latest firmware version there should be no need to use the Y-cable. When using the latest firmware A normal USB cable should be enough.

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Thanks for the response. Downloaded the update. Plugged it in to the USB. Nothing. Tried a different USB stick and still nothing. Doesn't seem to recognise it. Looks like I will just have I use both the USB connection and aux for now.

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