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Ford Focus Mk2.5 Bluetooth Module Retrofit Problem

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I have a Ford Focus Mk2.5 Titanium 2009 Model and have been looking to retrofit bluetooth to it, I have followed Gaz RS's guide, and have the microphone wiring in the interior light as mentioned. I have bought a module and all the other relevant parts, but having taken out the glovebox, I can't find the bluetooth module wiring.

I have looked a couple of times now and have pulled back the thick grey foam but can't find anything.

If I purchase the patch loom 1467152, where would I find the microphone wiring as again I can't see it behind the glovebox anywhere.

Any help is much appreciated as I'm struggling now and have purchased all the items.


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Hey buddy the connector for the bluetooth module isn't that obvious at first sight it is wrapped up with the rest of the wiring loom with electrical tape.

You should be able to make out the shape of the connector, it may be a bit higher up the loom than the foam.

The wiring for the connector is actually quite long it comes down the loom (yellow line), into the foam then back up again.


This pic shows the location of the audio (red) and mic (blue) patch loom sockets, it may be that you won't need the mic patch cable it depends when in 2009 you car was built


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Thanks for the pics, I don't seem to have any of that wiring, I have the thick carpet like foam, but none of the thinner grey foam as shown in your picture and the wiring isn't there either. The build date on etis is 02/12/08.

I have pulled back the thicker foam but again can't see the bluetooth wiring anywhere.

Is there another way to check if I should have the wiring?


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