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Ford Fiesta Mk6 53 Semi Auto Gearbox Issues


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Hi im new here and iv been browsing the forums for an answer to my question but cant seem to find one so hopefully someone csn help me

Basically i own a 1.4 semi auto fiesta finesse its done 57k miles and iv owned it for a year and 4 months and due to my partner having to get rid of his car it has become our main car and sods law the day we got rid of his car this one started playing up!!!!

The trouble is that we had water in the spark plugs so we changed the ht leads and sparks and it was ok after that but still not perfect for the last couple of days we have had the following issue

When pulling off from stationary(in 1st) it is extremely sluggish it just does not want to move which makes it extremely dangerous when pulling off on busy roundabouts etc also more recently when it is in auto mode when slowing down it has stopped changing down gears meaning we are having to do it manually otherwise it just sits in 2nd or 3rd meaning when we go to accellerate again it is jerky and doesnt want to move it has also misfired a couple of times today when it is in 2nd gear

Is this a coil pack issue or is it a gearbox issue?

Overall the car is just sluggish and driving like a peice of s**t to be honest. Anyone got any ideas or can point me in the righy direction i would be so grateful


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afraid only by driving it, will you know if its box or misfiring

would consider changing the coil packs anyway, as they tend to go when engine suffers a misfire..

other possibility, if it is box issue:

is the known problems with sticking gear actuators and/or the wiring corrosion on the wiring loom to the actuators

can read about these issues here


and here


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