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Ford Focus Mk1 Possible Ecu Fault


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Hi everyone,

I'm new here, so please bear with my current lack of technical knowledge, but I am learning!

My poor focus broke down the other day, when the RAC guy came out, he read the codes, and reported that the Ignition Coil Pack had gone, after taking it to my local garage, they replaced the pack, but it still wouldn't seem to work, and they concluded therefore that it must be the ECU, is this likely to be the correct assumption in such a case?

The strange part is that the car will still run (just) on 2 cylinders by the sound of it,, I would have thought that if the ECU had indeed fried that there would be no sign of life in the engine at all?

Thanks for your help in advance.


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its possible, the ecu can sometimes spike when a coil packs up, end result, the coil pack doesnt receive a signal to fire.

seen this on a couple of zetec escorts, not come across it on a focus, but sure the same could happen.

either get a 2nd opinion, or send the ecu to be tested/repaired

i normally use a company called BBA Reman for this type of work, but there are plenty of others that do the same

and yes, its quite possible the ecu works in every other way bar sending a signal to one of the coil packs

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just checked their website, top of the page is your suspected problem, doesnt actually list the focus but its the same ignition set up so wouldnt be suprised.

there is a bit missing on the bottom of that tip/advise on the loss of spark.... it should say, if the ecu is found to be at fault, it is recommended to renew the coil pack/s before fitting the ecu back....this applies even if you had a new coil already..as its possible that the coil pack gets damaged when wired to a faulty ecu, this in turn can damage the repaired ecu if not renewed again beforehand

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