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Mk3 Fiesta - Sell, Scrap Or Break?

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Hi all,

So you may (or may not know) I replaced my mk3 Fiesta with a Mk6 Fiesta.

I've been trying to sell my mk3 since October (54K Genuine, MOT till Aug - £600) now in my opinion I think that's a fair price HOWEVER, two things are 'technically' wrong with it. The first is the passenger lock which doesn't unlock from the outside, yeah, I could just replace the door but it's just effort when I did fine without it. The second is the window passenger winder which snapped. Needs a new regulator but no points of fixing it again because It didn't fuss me.

Now, I want rid of it, in your opinions what would be the most beneficial when it comes to money vs time and effort.

For example, 'Selling the vehicle you may get £xxx for it and will sell' or 'You could break it and get £xxx for just the engine'.

Your opinions are key as I'm not sure what I want to do with it!



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if your selling as a car, then it pays to focus advertising where it will get the most attention....such as magazines/websites that deal with older fords...if just advertising in your local paper for instance, most people will only see £600 for a 15yr old car, compared to a lot of other ads offering much younger cars for same kind of money..

breaking can earn you more in the long run, but you have a limited market as fewer and fewer of these cars are about..so if your prepared to strip/store parts or have the room for the car to be kept somewhere for a fairly long period then maybe worth going that route

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I sold my k reg mk 3 xr2i in 2000 for £800 just to get it sold & I Had spent £7000 in total on the car ... so it sounds a bit expensive - insurance is also higher on the mk3 and mk5 compared to my mk7 for a weird reason ?

Lower the price to £400 for a quick sale


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Hi Mark,

If you just want rid, chuck it on eBay with a low start price and it's sure to get bids. Yes you may loose out and only end up with £400.00 for example but if you want rid surely it's an easy way to do it.

Lee - the reason your insurance is probably cheaper comes into two factors 1) newer car = safer 2) more valuable car = owner look after better

Let us know what ya end up doing with your fiesta.

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I take it from the fact that the mk3 has disappeared off eBay that you sold it?

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It's never cheaper to buy another car over repairing it, esp with the price difference, all it needs is a locking mech and window mech, I could get them for £50 from any scrappy and fit in minutes, easy jobs to do.

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