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Misfire Help???


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Hi I own a ford fiesta 1999 1.25 zetec.

Had a few issues which gradualy have got worse. When i bought it it sounded like a tank, Now at first i thought it may be as simple as coil pack or ht leads or even plugs, As it was misfiring My mate who came with me took of all ht leads whilst engine was on ( one after another after putting the one pulled of back on) and if you pulled ht lead 2 out it wouldn't do anything, So we knew it was down to cylinder 2 not firing) So got a new coil pack and slightly improved it .. So of my mates ford focus we used the ht leads.and no different other than it made it sound slightly better.butperformance was still rubbish. Tried changing number one spark plug and placing it in number 2 and number 2 in one and no different, still wasn't firing on 2.. tried redex... nothing, what i did notice was oil had leaked in to the number 2fuel injector as rocker cover gasket was bust. .got a rag and and stuck it in the fuel injector holes and got rid of what i could... as well as cleaning battery terminals... the car doesn't start asoon as i flick the ignition it struggles but after doing those 2 things ( when it was on empty) running on fumes) it started first time and sounded and felt like it wasn't missing,,,so next morning refuelled.... And back to where we started,, tried cleaning injectors out again,, no different. Now no i haven't done a compression test BUT! there is no coolant missing from my engine what so ever... its still slightly above max... oil is the right colour... and temperature doesn't go over half way... It does drink oil but i think possible oil leak from a seal maybe.. no blue smoke when driving...Literally don't no what else to try suggest ive even tried this product from Halfords... Bars Leak Radiator Sealer 135ml. suppose to fix coolant leaks in head gaskets ect...now when i before doing this whilst driving to Halfords i had an issue with the idling... would come to a stop and it would drop to around 700 and climb back to 1000 ( almost felt like it was going to cut out but never did) bought the bars leak and put it in before leaving . let it run around the engine for 10 mins then set of... the ideling issue was gone ..... ;/ Now if i pull number 3 spark plug out it changes the engine noise and but doesnt quite go to cutting out like if i pull out 1 or 2 ) now pulling a way in 1st 2nd or 3rd is dreadfull.. when i go to pull away in 1st my foot can be all the way down on the accelerator and itll feel like im cluthcing away... then boom. power kinda kicks in but really intermitent and its no way near got the power it had when i first got it?Really unsure on what to do and no other forum seems to hold an answer for my issue.... PLEASE SOME ONE HELP ME BEFORE I TAKE A HAMMER TO THE !Removed! THING THEN TORCH IT!!!

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