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How Long Did Your Battery Last?

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Had the car three years but it's four years old since manufacturing and the battery was flat by the time i got to the supermarket last week. Hadn't really been running anything apart from a/c to clear screen and to give it a use once in awhile. AA came to give me a charge only to say the battery was fine and so was the alternator and everything else.

Gave me a jump start and off i was. I ended up getting a Bosch S5 anyway just in case it was the battery getting ready to fail. I didn't see any white corrosion on it. But i saw a lot of this gold stuff around it and a little bit of rust on the negative cable that was forming near the end point on the car.

How long has your ford battery lasted?

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Looking at service history from the car the first battery lasted 2 years and it was replaced in September '04. That one is still completely fine today even when load tested. Doesn't struggle to start the car and the lights don't dim too badly when starting. Pretty pleased really!

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When i got my fiesta last year it had the original battery (9 years old)and that only had to be replaced because the car had been stationary at the dealer in some very cold and icy weather, it never really recovered with the alternator charge and a month later it gave up the fight, when i went to get a new battery their test machine said that it required external required to work, i didn't have time to leave the car/battery with them overnight so just payed out for a new one, the Varta battery that I brought says 3 years minimum on it and the bloke reckons they very rarely change most of them again let alone within the 3 years. Most battery's will last for at least 5 years I would say all being well and if it's a town car provided it gets a 15 minute or 10 mile run every week it should live well and for long.

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If you use the car for short journeys only, then the battery tends not to regain the power used to start the engine. Over time it'll fully discharge and require a recharge to top it up. If the AA mechanic says it's fine, then it's likely there isn't anything wrong with the battery that a monthly battery charge, or even a decent length journey once a month won't sort.

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