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Fuel Filter Location


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Hi buddy! not exactly sure whether you are referring to the last of the prior model Fiesta or the very latest.

However, fuel filter is normally located at the rear of the fuel tank near the front of the drivers side rear wheel arch. It can be a pain to replace without the right tools though!

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It is something you can easily replace, theres just a lot of fiddly bits and crap you have to pull off to get properly at it! Complex screw fittings etc so if you do decide to go at it try have various tools!

I think thats possibly also why Ford dont sell any service kits with fuel filters in them but the air and oil filters etc. are?

You'd also need to bleed the system at every injector and then you'd need a fuel priming tool as well I think, which I've heard can be a nightmare!

Is your car a petrol or diesel?

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It's a petrol mate. 1.25. To be honest that sounds like a lot of hassle, and to be honest with modern fuels as clean as they are these days it doesn't even need changing I suppose.

I was only going to do it if it was a case of popping 2 jubilee clips off. Think I'll leave it now. Cheers for the replies pal.

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