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How To: Heater Core (Matrix) Replacement 2L Tdci


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Posted this question before.

Inconclusive answers.

Followed the H****S manual.

Am a member of French Car Clubs in AUS and participate on frog forums.

We call H****S the book of lies.

And again is much the same.

To replace the matrix, the book says to do this:

Pull out radio

Pull out instrument panel

Pull out steering column

Pull out clutch pedal

Pull out old heater tubes in firewall.

Did as was described in the hope you could replace the core WITHOUT cutting the tubes.

Rubbish - can't do, so why go through all of the above rigmarole???????

Cut core tubes, match cut the old matrix to the new and importantly flare the ends.

LEAVE THE EXISTING tubes going to the engine in place.

(It's a cow of a job joining the heater hoses to the new tubes under the AC hoses in engine bay).

You then use silicon high pressure/high temp hose to join the new matrix to the old tubes.

My Focus has a bar running from B-Pillar to B-Pillar - makes removing the clutch pedal REALLY difficult. Also means you have to bleed clutch AND brakes after the job is done.

Side note: Original clutch master is still available BUT tube assembly going to slave cylinder at flex hose end has changed to quick fit, requiring new tube/hose assembly.

So you can't test for leaks until you start the engine.

You can't start engine cause dash out.

Shots taken attached.




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