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Debadged It


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So first of the mods was to remove the badges... Looks much better IMO

Got some red LEDs ordered for the footwell and some whites for the plate.

Starting small...


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Yes, hair dryer works fine. I only took the ECOTEC one of but was surprised at how easy it came off, got some good advice on here.

Heat it up until you can move it side to side a bit, then put some dental floss behind the badge and work through it a bit, eventually the badge will come off. Mine left the gluey stuff behind which i just rolled off. Piece of cake , took 5 mins.

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I have asked the dealer to do it for me! Im lazy!!

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LOL, at least your honest. Although you know they will use a hammer and chissell. " Well you said you wanted them off sir". :o

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I like it bare on the back. Looks symmetrical! OCD??!

Good to see I'm not the only one who likes symmetry on the back of cars - it drives me bonkers when I see cars only have 1 reverse light

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