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Hi New To Here. My First St


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Hi I'm new to these forums. I Was trying to buy a sensible Cost effective family estate and was looking at a lot of focus lx estates. But they were boring. I saw this and drove it then fell in love with her what can I say. Now I'm on a mondeo forum trying to find out all I can. She has been keyed across the front bonnet and all up the side. But has been booked in in two weeks to have all of it done. I have never had I high performance car but now I wish I had. God she is quick. There is no tick of death from what I can hear. But there has been a MIJ full decat exhaust put on so not much to hear other than the exhaust. Was going to change it for a quieter one but am growing to like it. Don't tell the other half. How do I find out weather of not it has a plastic impeller. Cheers

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Am having a bit of a worry that I bought a bad un. Am finding that my coolant level is going down. Also checked back at the old mots that were given to me when I bought this car. The last mot mentions nothing about an oil leak. But the two mots before that says on the advisory's that there's an oil leak don't know why I hadn't noticed that. There is no cloudiness in the oil and can't smell exhaust fumes in the coolant. There's no ticking in the engine and the car drives really well. Am going to try and get the car on a ramp this weekend and look to see if any leaks. I'm not a mechanic please any advise would be welcome

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have been a bit worried my coolant kept going down and after reading all these posts on here i thought the worst.. I had bought a bad un. so after a few days of worrying I thought to bite the bullet and get the coolant pressurized to see where the coolant was going. my beloved has been in the garage all day and when the phone call finally came. I was told "you better brace yourself for this" followed by a long pause " you have a leaky radiator". Im so relieved as i really thought the worst. that will teach me to self diagnose a problem.

So now she is booked in for Monday to have all the scratches taken out, basically more than half the car is being re sprayed. when that is finished I will get the radiator replaced but so pleased its not the head gasket!

Here is a few pics now i have finally figured how to post them. will put more up once it has been resprayed






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