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Anyone Own A Fiesta With Powershift Transmission?


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Hello fellow Tyne & Wear-er - I can't speak for the Powershift as my fiesta is the old school 4-speed, but I'm pro-automatic so I'd say go for it.

Obviously test drive one first has I don't know how the Powershift drives but I know I'll be buying auto again (this ones my first automatic).

I passed my test and drove a manual for a good few years but knew once I bought my own car it was going to be an auto.

My older-gen gearbox isn't great on fuel economy but I don't mind too much. Driving in city/rush hour traffic most of the time means having no gears or biting points is a breeze. The 'crawl' is handy too as lifting up on the brake allows the car to creep forward in stop & go traffic - rather than constantly going in and out of first like in a manual.

Hill starts take no effort either as the car either holds itself when you release the brake, or on very steep hills pauses so you have plenty of time to move to the gas pedal before it rolls back slightly, (although on new-gen autos I think you may need 'Hill-Start Assist' too to experience this?).

I also like the constant/smooth acceleration you get. When pulling away along side a manual I always like how their car keeps dropping back momenterily as they change gear - yet I just smoothly accelerate and don't have to come of the gas pedal to change up.

As I said I'm pro-automatic, so you'll probably get a whole different vibe from someone who doesn't like autos. Some say you aren't connected to the car, you'll get lazy or even get bored etc - so you'll need to make you're own mind up on that. You don't want to be stuck with a car for years with a feature as big as a gearbox you don't like.

The thing that struck me though is are you suggesting you'll be getting a fiesta after having a new focus?

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Yeah, I was suggesting going back to a Fiesta. While I'm very happy with the Focus, it has no more interior space than my 2011 Fiesta. My girlfriend and I actually went to look at a Skoda Citigo last weekend and it was bigger inside than my car and the boot was around the same size too as I have the full-size spare wheel kit. My complaints with the Fiesta I had were electric window switch location and hard ride quality, both of which they've addressed with the facelift (with the Zetec spec having higher profile tyres).

So the downsides to the Focus are that it is both slower and less economical than my Fiesta (which had the same 1.6 engine), as well as not having any more interior space. I find that the steering column and centre console are incredibly cramped around my legs at any seating arrangement. I'm not sure it makes sense to buy another, although even though my post sounds quite negative I actually really like the Focus.

I wont be changing for a while yet though, so maybe it's worth having a look at the facelifted Focus when it comes. I've seen the steering column thing being mentioned in a few motoring magazines, so maybe they've taken notice and changed it.

I really like the Kuga too, but that looks very expensive -_-

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I've wanted an automatic for the past 2-3 years after seeing the smooth acceleration of the VW DSG 'box. Ford didn't do one back then and although I bought a new Polo in 2012, I couldn't justify (or afford) the £1500 or so premium they wanted for the DSG option. I have bad joints/ arthritis as a result of a liver condition, so that's another reason, and to be honest even though I love cars and like driving, I don't particularly like changing gear. I feel like I'd enjoy driving even more if I had a smooth automatic :)

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I love driving too and do so even more since getting an auto. A few other auto drivers on here have also said that weirdly an auto makes you aim to drive as smooth as possible - almost like a chauffeur - and I guess smooth driving/accelerating/braking all make for better fuel ecomocy and passenger comfort lol

Anyway, hopefully a few Powershift owners will come forward and share their opinons on it...

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