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I'm Buying A Focus, But Which One.


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Hi all

I am just about to start a new job which means I will be travelling further. My daily commute will be about 70 miles.

I am looking to buy a focus titanium x but I'm unsure about what engine to go for. The obvious is choice would be the 1.6tdci. But I have driven my brother 1.6 ecoboost 150 and I like it a lot. I have also read on here about some concerns of the 1.6 tdi mpg figures.

Can any of you fine people please give me some advice. What are the real work economies of the 2 cars. I'm not a speed demon so will probably be sitting on the motorway at around 65mph.

The petrol just seems so smooth. I am going to test drive a diesel on Tuesday but can I expect the same smoothness or will I be a bit disappointed.

Can you tell me what sort or range you get from a tankful of fuel in your focus.

Any advice would be appreciated



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Alright, I bet you're looking forward to the amount of toys you'll get to play with on that spec!

I had the ecoboost 180 version on the Zetec S and that averaged about 40mpg - it took a while to get there (>1k miles) but it wasn't too bad when I was behaving.

The diesel will obviously breeze those figures but see which you prefer :)

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Tbh a Diesel is far nicer for long commutes and motorway cruising but not so much fun around town due to narrow gearing.

Personally I'd go for the 1.8 but that's my opinion.

You should return 500+ per tank and also benefit from lower car tax but diesels cost more initially to buy and maintain.

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Hi the 1.8 is that diesel and I'm guessing that is the previous generation focus?

I kind of want a mk 3 that's fairly new as that way I will still get a bit of warranty. I've found a silver 12 plate titanium x 1.6tdci for 12900 and from what I can find that seems quite good value round these parts. Everything else seems nearer to 15k. This one is a a ford main dealership so I'm going to go an see it Tuesday see what it's like to drive

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