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Hi all!

I have just ordered myself a HID Kit for my mk 6 with some new headlights that have projector lamps and a duel headlight setup (when I switch to full beams, the low beams switch off). These lights were origionally made in Japan where HID's are not legal I think and there is a sticker in both Japanese and English saying "HID not allowed".

I am assuming that this is because of the countries restrictions to HID's as im sure that the HID Kit will work fine with the projector lamps, and that because it is a single beam Kit it wont effect the lighting when swithched to high beam... or so I hope!

The new headlights I have are those "angel eye" projectors (Pictures of the Black Panther comming soon :P ).

Has anyone done this on their Fiesta or know more about HID Kits who could be able to give me some advice on this at all? Also if anyone has, do you need to realign the headlight beam once the HID's are fitted??

Many Thanks!! :lol:

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they are illegal but fitted to projector lights they arnt so bad.

i had them on my full beams lights on my 206 and it didnt work so well, HID have to take there charge from the ballast. When switching them on it takes a little while for them to warm up to full light so flicking between them didnt really work

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it says " HID not allowed" cause the head light aren't designed to take the extra heat, i was goin to do the same to my projector headlights untill i researhed it and found someone had thiers on for a while and melted them!!!!

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