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Indicator Dashboard Light Faulty - Mot Fail?


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Recently the left turn signal indicator light on the dashboard of my 2007 Ford Fiesta has been intermittently cutting out. Sometimes when I first start driving a car it works fine, but then after driving for a little while it ceases to light up when I indicate to turn left.

Just to be clear it's not the actual indicator light on the external of the car, this seems to flash fine all the time. I can still hear it 'ticking' as I engage the turn signal.

I'm wondering if this is a big enough fault to cause a fail on any part of my MOT? Or do they only need to check that the external indicator turn signal actually works?

Also, has this happened anyone else, and if so is it easy to fix yourself?

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no major dramas in taking the cluster out, though cant remember the set up exactly as its been a few years since i took one out, but its only a 15/20 min job...sure somebody on here can give you a bit more detail in how to do it

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