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Ford Focus Intermittent Power Problem


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I really need some advice n help please.

I own a ford focus,Automatic,1.6 petrol engine year 2003.

problem is that on some occasions the car refuses to rev up unless I floor it in which it will then seem to be OK for a short while but then it start over again.

It starts 1st time and idles without cutting out although sometime feels a little lumpy/missing slightly.

It will drive perfect most of the time but when it feels like it I just can't go easy on the gas I have to floor it to bring it back to life.

Another problem is the clocks sometimes don't work but they don't seem to coincide with each other so I am doubting their related issues?

All help greatly appreciated and as always on forums I always keep my post updated and post the fix

(If the problem is sorted that is)

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