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Blower Speed Switch Replacement.


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Ever since I purchased my '99 MK1 Focus,the heater blower switch has been in the glove box!. The blower itself is permanently on no.2 position so at least I've had something. It's about time I remedied this situation. The switch seems complete with the black connector on the back. Obviously the centre console and radio will have to be removed to replace the switch as the back of the switch is too fat to fit through the hole in the console. I have no idea whether the switch is good or not,but there is only one way to find out. It may well be a replacement one. Do I need any special tools to do this job?. I don't want to start the job only to find that I need something I don't have. Ta.

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I did this about 5 years a go. The only special tool you need is the radio removal tool or I used small screw drivers. I think then it is a case of looking out for screws or clips behind the panel. Hope that helps but it has been a long time since I did it

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The dials are all one piece so you need to replace all three.

Pull the control cables from the back of the knobs but not all the way out of the dash as they're fiddly to replace.

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