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Heated Mist Spray Jets


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I think they were about £3.00 each from my local ford dealer when I bought mine, there from the MK3 Focus.

I'll be back with the finnis for you. There still in my glovebox with the receipt :unsure:

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Price when I bought mine mid 2011 was £2.90 each for the heated ones and the finis was 1708797

They are also available in non heated at the same price finnis was 1708796

Price will have no doubt gone up and the finnis may be different so check before ordering.

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The price of the (heated and non heated) Focus MK3 (mist) washer jets increased dramatically last year.

2 years ago I paid €4,- a piece for the heated Focus MK3 washer jets. At the moment the same washer jets will cost over €25,- a piece.

The MK3 washer jets were originally extremely low priced (possible mistake?). At that time the MK1 and MK2 washer jets were much more expensive. After Ford raised the price of the MK3 washer jets they cost approximately the same as the MK1 and MK2 washer jets.

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