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Hey Everyone From Avon Tuning Team

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Hey guys,

My name is Gareth, I'm the owner/director as Avon Tuning Ltd, we are an ECU Remapping & DPF Removal company based near Bristol in the South West. You may have noticed some of our 'banner' adverts popping up around the site as we have been advertising on the forum for some time now.

I'm happy to answer any ECU and DPF related questions any one may have and will try and give as much advise as possible on any other technical questions.

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Welcome Gareth , where abouts are you based to near bristol? I'm from kingswood. Think my mate had his car done at yours and really rated you. If I was looking for a remap I would pop in :)

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Hey Candi, we are based in a small village called Tockington which is near Thornbury, not too far from Kingswood! Anyone is welcome to pop in for a chat, and even a cup of Tea if you are lucky ;-)

We also offer 10% off to all forum members!

Hope to see you soon.

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If my car wasn't already tuned I would be straight down your place. Don't think there's much more I can do to get more BHP outta mine properly. Got the mountune MP185 on mine as it stands want more power but there no longer doing the MR200 kit so a bit stuck really. Ooo well a cup of tea would be nice lol

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