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Rear Light Problem


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Hi all,

I have a 2003 ford focus diesel. It is a 3 door model.

I have a strange rear light issue. Last night when i was driving other cars were flashing their lights at me. When I stopped, I checked and had no rear lights and no number plate lights. However the brake lights do work. I checked some fuses.. which were all ok... I BANGED the lights... and opened and closed the boot lid. No effect!
I continued my (Short!) journey with my foot slightly on the brake.
When I got home, I checked again, and now the rear light on the right hand side was working... but not the left and not the number plate lights.
This morning before my drive to work I checked again... and this time no lights were working again.
I would appreciate any assistance on this strange issue.


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Thanks for the reply.

I removed the lights, and actually one of the lights came on as soon as I touched the bulb.

I cleaned the bulb holders and the bulb contacts themselves and both back lights are now on! Good news!

However I can't get the number plate lights to work.. either of them. Could I have blown a fuse? I checked all the ones that seemed to show a light symbol... and none were blown.

All the lights were working a week ago when I had it MOTd....

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