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Couple Of Issues.......

Invisible Man

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I've noticed a couple of things on the car recently, but I'm not sure why they have started....

First of all I've noticed a quick rattle (almost like a buzz) coming from the front interior light area when travelling at speed (70mph). I thought this might be the aerial, but can't see anything that is loose.

Secondly, in the past week or so, when I'm starting the car it can sometimes turn over for 5-7 seconds before it starts. Never experienced this before....anything to worry about??


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petrol or diesel 5-7 seconds isnt an issue cars dont start straight away espcially when its cold outside, have a free battery test done to ensure any issue with the battery is ruled out.

a buzz from the interior light may be the metallic strip under the roof lining the lights easy to pop out and have a look check the ariel baese is secure at the same time and the light connections are securely in place

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