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Banging From Front Wheels

Cunning Stunt

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Hi Guys,

I started getting an intermittent banging coming from the front right wheel in particular. Doesnt always happen but was very intermittent to begin with and has steadily got louder and more regular.

It happens mostly when im turning left slightly but it happens a bit when im going straight also. I gave it to my mechanic last week and he couldnt find anything wrong after checking the drive train. Iv started feeling it through the pedals recently after a long drive.

I tried to check the CV joint by jacking the car up and wiggling the wheel but theres no movement in the 12-6 or 3-9 direction. I dont think its the brakes, I got brand new pads and disks not too long ago. Im quite short on ideas. The fact that it isnt there all the time is a bit odd.

Anyone got any ideas on what it could be?



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i just had a rear wheel bearing replaced there was also no movement but when removed the bearing was close to collapsing so it could be the cv joint or the front wishbone bushes

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Cv joint gone is usually a clicking sound whilst turning have you looked at the suspension top mount for any play .have you had the wheel off recently could be loose nuts (unusual but I,ve come across it before ) .

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