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Focus 1.6 Tdci Timing Problem Sorted,engine Locked After 20 Degrees Turn


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I have a 2005 1.6 tdci,bought with a problem,the owner told be that since a cambelt change it had not run well at all,

I took it to a mechanic who was baffled as when he put the locking pins in the crankshaft pulley hole (12.00) then cam (11.00) the engine would not turn,

I eventually removed the head to find no problem,the problem was that the pulley that drives the crankshaft cambelt has a pressed on ring,the pressed on ring has the locating hole for the locking pin,

I noted that the ring moved far to easily and the pistons where in the wrong place when pinned in place.

Remove crankshaft pulley,remove,outer ring,put outer ring in oven then place back on sprocket in correct location,leave to cool nice tight fit.replaced pulley,re assembled engine and perfection one again.

I have put the pictures on to show where the outer ring should be in relation to the woodruff key,and the piston positions



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Welcome to the family Stuart and might I say, very well done on the fix, good to have someone of y your knowledge on board!

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