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Focus Zetec S Mp200 Upgrade On The Cards


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Hi all,

One year on and I am still loving my Zetec S 1.6-litre EcoBoost 182bhp beast, now I have been thinking about the Mountune upgrade to 200bhp I have been quoted £1200 fitted and feel this would be a nice touch but just wanting to see what you good folk think about this? is it worth it? any help advice would be very much appreciated, I have a provisional date of April the 11th booked this will be confirmed by the end of next week.

Just a couple of shots of car.

Many thanks Daz




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Is this car quick mate standard?could be my next step if an ST is too expensive to run/insure in a few years when I want to change!

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Hi mate,

I am well pleased with her, I owned a Focus ST before this purchase but due to family commitments had to let this car go, to be honest it's not an ST that's obvious but the beauty with the S is it still puts the same smile on my face when I drive her every day the same smile as to when I use to drive the ST in it's own way :) It has a nice stance on the road and has plenty of get up and go for my liking as well so yes I don't think you would be disappointed ^_^

Also opted for the red interior.


Hope that helps



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Very nice mate good choice with that interior! My worry with an ST is that the poor mpg would wipe the smile off my face as I do a lot of town driving! But the ZS pulls well I'm guessing with that sort of performance so sound like a great all rounder!

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With the ti vct engine have they mentioned the ti vct cam at all yes they tune the car but ive been told it will wear that cam out quicker its a very precisely timed setup it would be intetsting what effect this will have on the car then again its s ford approved mod i believe from mountune

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Hey man, did you ever see this thread by any chance? We were just discussing this the other week!

Let us know how it goes, doesnt appear to have been done on here yet! I'm intrigued as a previous owner too :)


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Hi everyone,

I had my Focus upgraded this time last year and love it. If you're considering the upgrade I would highly recommend it, but do take into account the increase in insurance cost. I posted my initial thoughts and insurance issues over on Mountune's Forum in February. The car feels far more responsive and if you push past 4500rpm then watch out for the torque steer. I had the optional sound symposer installed, it does add a deeper engine note (quite artificial) but it's better than nothing. As for fuel consumption I mostly drive around town and get 32mpg (34 with mix of motorway travel).

One thing which doesn't come part of the MP200 upgrade but I would recommend is the Mountune high flow Air Filter. It does improve the intake noise and I think it completes the MP200 set.

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