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Bleeding Abs


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It's been a couple of years plus since the brake fluid was changed in my 59 1.6 focus 2.5. As I would like to completly flush the system this will also entail flushing the ABS valves / pump etc. Is there anyway of doing this without taking it to Fords.

In the past I have used the Gunston Eazybleed kit but this has always been on a non ABS system.

I have used the EMLCONFIG to enable several things including tyre deflation detector system but I couldn't see any way to use this to open the ABS valves.


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So it appears that there are no special procedures to bleed the ABS system as apposed to bleeding a non ABS apart from disconnecting / reconnecting the battery.

Not sure why disconnecting the battery is important for the ABS but who am I to question Ford.

Thanks again.

Now the better weather seems to be arriving I will do this in the next few weeks.

Just slightly off topic has anyone any experience in the claim that fitting braided flex brake hoses improves brake responce and feel?

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The braking system of the Focus MK2/MK2.5 can be drained/bled without the need to bleed the ABS/ESP pump.The ABS/ESP pump is mounted with all braking lines on top of the pump. Even if the braking system is completely drained the ABS/ESP pump will still be full of brakefluid.

In my opinion bleeding the ABS/ESP pump (softwarematically) will only be nescessary if a new/used pump is installed or if there are any signs of air trapped in the ABS/ESP pump.

It is no problem to use the Easybleed bleeding system on the Focus MK2/MK2.5 braking system. Last year I retrofitted the MK2.5 ESP system to my MK2. I removed the ESP pump from a scrap car, transported it in the correct position (connections on top) and installed in onto my car. This way the ESP pump was still full of brake fluid and there was no need to bleed the pump. I only had to fill bleed the braking system using a pressure bleeder.

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Anyone knows what amount of brake fluid is needed for a complete bleed for Focus Mk2?

I don't see it in the Ford nor in Haynes manual.

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