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Hello, Fellow Ford Fans! :)


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Hi everybody!

I'm Milton. I'm 21, and I love my Focus :lol: What more needs to be said? :P

Ok, well, I've driven a 1999 Fiesta since September - it was alright. it's the old 1.25 Zetec model, so light as a feather, and nippy enough. I never had a "wow, this car is great!" moment with it. I was fond of it, but not in love with it.

A couple of weeks ago, my dad bought an old 1999 Ford Focus 1.8 TDI off his mate. It had no tax, and wasn't in the best condition, but he asked me if I wanted it. I drove it up the road, and then jumped at the opportunity to have it, and now, here I am :rolleyes:

It's a CL model, which I'm not sure exactly what that means. What I suppose it means is something like "Not top-of-the-range spec, but certainly not base model"... the air-con and electric windows kind of give that away :lol:

So, right now, I'm slowly fixing everything wrong with it, so there will be question ^_^ This evening, I've just replaced the infamous heater-blower resistor (tip - never turn on the fan to check if it's working, then touch the resistor - it gets incredibly hot! :rolleyes: ).

Also - thanks to everyone here! When it's come to fault finding and needing a quick point in the right direction (i.e. blower resistor), I've Googled. and it brings me to a thread on here, where I've gotten the information verily! So thanks to all those who contribute here B)

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