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What Kind Of Door Handle Is This?


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Hi Guys,

odd question I know! but our house has three doors with this stupid type of door handle, and 2 of them need replacing, but I dont know what type of door lock system it uses and what I should google in order to search for it!

so on one side, you just have the knob, ont he other, you have the knob and the mechanism bolted onto the side of the door, with the sliding latch. Rather than have the mechanism in the middle of the door, and having the catch on the inside of the door frame, everything is bolted to the outside?



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They're old bakelite type knobs, there will usually be a small brass grub screw on one side of the spindle holding the knob onto the square spindle.

They date from the 30's and are coming back into fashion for people who like the Art Deco styling.


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Cheers Guys, looks like its both, a Rim Latch / Lock mechanism with the Bakelite knobs :D

Now, do I pay £30 a door and fix it myself, or demand the landlord does it... maybe I will do it five minutes after I sign another years lease...

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