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Heated Fan Type Washer Jets

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Hi Guys,

I am currently browsing around and believe I may have found a chinese supplier for the Heated Fan Type Washer Jets. I am hoping that I can confirm they are the heated variety, if so, they can be bought (by the looks of things) for around £20.00 for a PAIR!!!!!!

To confirm, these are also to fit most modern fords, as far as I know they fit the main three, Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo, and I believe they also fit other models too, such as the C, B and S Max.

I wanted to see if anyone on here would be up for doing a group purchase to see if we can keep the costs down? I would be happy to orchestrate the purchase, but I would ask for payment up front if you where interested.

I havent decided for definite yet to do this, so I will ask, if you are interested and want a pair of washer jets that are more appropriately priced, please add to the vote above as a reference and drop your name below, and if we get enough of us, and I get the appropriate confirmation that its OEM heated (which I believe all points to it being!) then I will look to see what we can do.

I would ask for a couple of quid for postage, but I dont see why we cant beat the stealers at their own game!

Let me know if your interested.


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Well, the supplier has come back to me! he has confirmed that if I can get 20 orders, they will do them for £17.50 for a pair of jets! now, he did say they are fit specifically for the Focus MK3, but I believe that they all use the same format these days!

So, if I can get 20 Yes's, then we can get them for around £20 - £22 all in when I get them! so keep the votes going and see what we can do!

If the product they do is as good as they say it is, we might be able to get them on board as our own official supplier :D

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I need to ask you guys a favour!

if you are interested in these mist jets, I would need you to do the following where possible, (I only need this once per car type, so if its already done, you have no need to do it!)

For each of the Ford types, please follow Lenny's excellent guide on replacing these jets, and take a few measurements for me, then I can ask the seller to confirm for me what the measurements of the product are.

the reason I ask this, is because the seller advises these are specific fitment to the MK3 Focus, however, as far as I know, all modern Ford's use the same jets, dimensions and fitted heatment.

So for each car, please take a photo of the jet itself, and the heated connection, and just take a few small measurements:

1) measurements of the "Heated" connector (with photo of the connector itself)

2) measurements of the hole that this fits into (underside, with picture).

I will try and get this done on my CMAX before I trade it in, and will do the same with the Mondeo when it arrived.

I want to ensure that these all fit correctly, before we go about committing to purchase these in bulk to find that perhaps they are not the correct fitment (as unlikely as this is!)

So, those voting yes:

  • Sean, can you do this for your Focus
  • John, can you do this for the Fiesta
  • Milton, can you do this for your MK1 Focus
  • I will try and do this for both Focus CMAX and the Mondeo MK4.

Thanks guys :D

EDIT: just as an update, I am buying one set from the seller to test on my car and I can take the measurements to compare against! :)

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The same Finis code is used for all standard unheated wash nozzles from the MK1 Focus to the introduction of the MK3 Focus when the mist nozzles came about.

As the MK3 nozzles fit a MK2 it is reasonable to assume that they will fit all Fords back to at least 1997.

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I got some for my Mondeo, but they were Focus ones I think. They do fit and they do work, BUT you have to lengthen the electrical cables because the wires on the Focus ones are much shorter than on the Mondeo (well, the Mk3 at least - cannot vouch for others).

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Thanks Clive, I thought that was the case, but I dont want to mislead anybody on this purchase, so if you guys (as I am sure you will) trust Clive's feedback, great, otherwise, feel free to share the pictures and dimensions as clarification.

I bought mine this morning and they are coming through from the supplier in China, so I will be fitting those in a months time or so, and we can see how many want in on the group buy!

Big D, they do seem to be a great little addon, I didnt realise the difference in the wiring, although the supplier shows that the length of these heated wires are about 1.5 - 2 inches, so hopefully sufficient length for most the Ford's :)

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Big D, they do seem to be a great little addon, I didnt realise the difference in the wiring, although the supplier shows that the length of these heated wires are about 1.5 - 2 inches, so hopefully sufficient length for most the Ford's :)

The wires on the Mk3 Mondy are 6-8 inches long. It's no biggie to snip the wires and solder them together, though.

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I fitted the Focus Mk3 Heated Mist washers (FINIS code = 1708797) on my Mk2.5 Focus and they were a direct swap; i.e. dimensions, power connector and wire length, they will also fit a Mk6.5 Fiesta.

Obviously you'll have to add the power+earth cabling to the bonnet to make them work if you car didn't originally have heated washers. As far as I know the heating of washers is only whilst the heated front screen is on.

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Thats correct Rob, front windscreen will add the heated jets also, so that as you are demisting the car in winter, the jets try to heat up and melt off the surface ice.

I ordered mine earlier, and as a "sample" price, in order to test the product and see if I can get more folks on board, he charged me less than £15 for a pair of jets, and delivery from Hong Kong!

OK I have to wait a little while, but I think this could be good business! depending on the currency exchange though he would be looking to charge around $25-$27 per pair of jets, and I would then look to charge covering costs of delivery, so from £2.60 for a second class packet, up to £4.10 if you guys wanted it delivering First Class recorded delivery. Either way, you could get a pair of jets for around £20 :)

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Note the following measurements are not taken from the hole in the bonnet,

but are from the original jets that came off my car when I fitted the mist pattern washers.

Using a pair of manual vernier calipers (none of those new-fangled digital readouts here :P)

the dimensions of the washer body (the section that fits in the bonnet hole) are :-

  • Width = 10mm
  • Length = 23mm (clip fully compressed) 25mm (clip relaxed)

The length of the hole is most likely to be 24mm as one end of the jet has a spring retaining clip

and some pressure would be required to properly clamp the washer body securely in the bonnet.

The wiring length is 55mm (bottom of washer body to top of connector body)

or 100mm if you include the length of the connector.


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  • 4 weeks later...

OK well, it took a while for them to arrive and they are here! first thing to note, they are genuine Ford OEM parts! secondly they look superb quality! I am needing a point when I can get them fitted (probably next week now!) but I will get the pictures up as soon as possible!

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Count me in for.these James. The standard jets are !Removed!. Lol. Let me know the details to pay etc when your ready.

Sent from my C5303 using Ford OC mobile app

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