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Xenon Hid Conversion


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hey guys i want to put hid xenon (white) headlights on my ford fiesta 1.25 edge but im not too sure what kit to get?

I have a friend that can fit them but i want to be sure im getting the right ones!



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I believe just converting current headlamps with hids is illegal. In that link it even says for off road show.

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This question has been asked many times on the forum, have a search for HID's you'll get loads of advice on fitting etc. You only need one HID Kit for your dipped beam, main beam will take too long to warm up if you need to flash your lights.I bought mine from HIDs direct they are good quality and very helpful if you have any problems.

Basically HID's are illegal but some MOT testers will pass them as long as the beam pattern is OK. Of course as you have a 2012 model you won't need to worry until next year anyway. When the MOT is due just swap the bulbs for your standard ones.

Brighter bulbs will never be as bright as HID's although I have heard that night breakers are pretty good.

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Em your 1.25 edge has reflector lights not projectors,right?

If so, don't bother with HID lights. All you'll do is wind up everyone else up at night as the beam will be all over the place.

Reflectors and HID lights are a waste. Fine in projectors though if fitted properly. Obviously as above it's supposed to be an MOT fail and technically illegal but there you go...

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