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Europarts No Refund ?


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hello :) as some may have read i brought a new alternator. (RTX or w.e) it always kept putting on my battery light and not charging all the time. So i decided to buy a genuine one.

Cars now perfect with genuine ford alternator.

Went to europarts to returned the faulty non charging unit and they declinded a refund or store credit.

I was given 2 options.

Replace for another RTX or pay a extra £100+ for upgraded verson..

Thats so unfair anyone else had simalar problem ??

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did you make it clear that the part was faulty?

lot of places refuse returns of electrical goods but that obviously shouldnt apply to faulty goods..as was stated earlier, not fit for purpose.

go straight to managment of the company and threaten an official complaint

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Under the sale of goods act yhey are obliged to repair or replace faulty goods.

It is not your responsibility to prove parts are faulty, it is their responsibility to prove parts are fit for purpose.

They can only refuse a refund if the parts are not faulty or if you just change your mind.

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well i kicked up a huge fuss... Manger come out. said i had 24 hours to use store discount.. (instore prices)

So i got a tensioner and a tensioner belt for (£135) (online price was almost half that and had to pay £30ish cash) for my moms mk1 ford galaxy Tdi (110bhp AFN engine) (mother day pressie) The car really needed to knocking like crazy and belt split)

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Just to clarify, when you buy something you can't take it back for a refund if you just change your mind - refunds are then at the store's discretion.

However, if the goods you buy are faulty, and are not explicitly sold as faulty for spares/repair, then you're protected by the Sale of Goods Act. These are your "unaffected statutory rights" that you sometimes see mentioned, and despite what the shop says, the law is the law and you ARE entitled to a full refund.

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