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Can I switch off the Engine light?


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Hi Guys,

I have a 03 Fiesta Lx. Last year I got a second hand engine put in. The engine light came on straight after and the machanic told me it was because the car the engine came from had air conditioning and mine doesn't, and the only way to fix this was to get a new ECU.

Seen as there is nothing actually wrong with the car I don't want to fork out 1000+on this.

I'm having my NCT next week and was wondering is there anyway (apart from bringing my car to a machanic to decode it) I can turn off the engine light. I don't mind if it cmes back on after a few miles, just off long enough to pass the test.

I heard if I unplug the battery for a while it will knock it off for a bit. Is this true?

Thanks any info much appreciated :rolleyes:

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I have heard that if you unplug the battery it does turn the engine management light off for a while too.

Or, you can take some of the fuses out the ECU (dont ask which ones I have no clue what im on about! I'll check with my OH im talking about the right thing) and this made my engine management light go off for about 20 miles before we realised the problem was still there!

Though aren't you going to worry all through the test that the light will come back on? Why dont you pay to hire a learner car to take your test in?


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Its not a driving test, its a car test, think ye guys call it MOT or something. Its to test and see if the car is road worthy. I don't think if the engine light is on its an automatic fail, so I'll just need the light off for about half an hour.

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Disconnecting the battery for bout half an hour would reset the engine light.

Only thing is if the problem that caused it come on in the first place still persists it will come back on. Perhaps not straight away but it might come on after only a couple minutes

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