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sorry if this is posted in the wrong section but this is my 1st post on here, so today I commenced changing the lock set round on my mk5 1.8td van, I started with the easiest being the ignition however the key has been working very well since i got the van and decided not to play ball at all! so I drilled the barrel out and removed it the hard way! I did a ver neat clean job too! however when the new barrel went in the immobiliser will now not let the car start and just flashes red fast when the ignition is on even with the old key next to the barrel? I tried a disconnecting the battery for 5 mins? & removed the fuse but nothing I then started trying to lock & unlock the door and the 1st time I did it, it let her start up but after that it jst started flashing again? the central locking does not work and i got 4 different keys with this van (ignition, boot, diesel cap & pass door) & the drover door will only lock! is there any other way of resetting the immobiliser or any tricks I can do?

many thanks in advance.😝

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